Married Murphy







Married Murphy

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  1. Frank W. Raymond, Jr, SFC, Ret says:

    I guess no one remembers the old C-Rations in the green cans. Ham and Eggs Chopped, Ham and Lima Beans, Slice Beef in Gravy, Pork Slices in gravy, Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce, A Units with Cookies, or jelly and Crackers, round crackers just this side of fresh, “John Wayne” Candy bars. How about the old Ten-In-Ones. Combat rations of the late forties up to the 1970’s. Some were not that bad. Other, well….

  2. Jim Brisson says:

    Those Old MRE’s were the bomb! Loved those “4 Fingers of Death” and “Spaghetti with Mystery Meat”. How about #6 Chow Mein and Noodles….Yum!

  3. Rodger Mathews, MSG (Ret.) says:

    After Desert Storm, Pepsi put out a VHS tape, “Welcome Home to The Troops!” It was free to any DS Vet. The opening was Robin Williams, and part of his trademark fast-paced “bit” was…”Hout ’bout those MRE’s, huh? ‘Meals Ready to Excrete!!'”

    (Was about right for the old, dark-brown envelope Franks&Beans or Corned Beef Hash.)

  4. Aaron says:

    The MREs for dinner made me laugh longer than most things I’ve come across on the internet. My wife had a similar reaction when she tried MRE Mashed Potatoes.

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