Memorial Day


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  1. Richard F. Buehler says:

    My dad was also a CWO but I guess I was a bit luckier. He pinned my on Butter Bar and my Birds, and I do miss him! He was in an I&R Platoon in the Pacific as a Scout with the 41st ID. When I deployed to RVN as a SP4 in ’66, we sat and had a long talk. He was the only one that knew I was a Crew Chief on a UH 1, the rest thought I was rigging parachutes and drinking cold beer. After my return I ended up joining the Reserves but “dad” decided that I should go for a commission. He was a wiser man than I.

    Thanks, Murph!

  2. Joe Martory says:

    God Lord Creator & Architect of the Ubiverse
    Be Always Co-pilot to our Veterans, Troops and Families…
    Iris & joe🇺🇸⚓
    The Martory’s “VetsMilFamily”
    (sonLuiggi-SEAL/CPOE-7Ret. WIC-Afg.;
    injured on the field & myselfUSNE5QM-VN/

  3. Col (Ret) Wm Deetz says:

    Thank you for this memorable cartoon. My dad (Ret Warrant Officer) passed away 22 years ago and I’d love nothing more to talk to him one time and tell him how much I appreciate every ounce of wisdom he gave to me and how much I love him. Unfortunately I can’t do that. The day I was commissioned he pined my 2LT gold bars on me. I missed him so much when they pined my eagles on me. Thank you again!

    Colonel Wm Deetz
    US Army, MP Retired

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